Corporate Social Responsibility

At Innowise Group, our corporate philosophy is defined by our internal motto — We Develop the World. This message reflects our perception of a company`s development process, the company`s place in the development of society & community, and environmental conservation. These words also mean Innowise Group invests in people to let them lead the company, the society, the community, etc., to a better future.


At Innowise Group, we believe in the primacy and supremacy of human rights, ethics, and international norms. Thus, our software development company rejects and condemns any form of discrimination, be it racial, gender, religion, or any other oppression. Employees of Innowise Group are hired and evaluated only according to objective qualification requirements, hard & soft skills, and working performance.

We consider education as a fundamental and one of the main elements of the social development process. That’s why Innowise Group strives to participate in the development of local educational establishments through investing material resources and conducting educational activities. Among our educational projects are:
Innowise Student Lab is a branch of our office in Polotsk, the purpose of which is to provide a platform for sharing our experience and expertise with students and novice specialists in the form of internships, meetups, open days, and excursions. Currently, our software development company conducts internships for teaching various technologies, including .NET, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Unity, etc. Innowise Student Lab is a partner of the Faculty of Information Technologies of Polotsk State University.
Innowise Group has opened a Student Development Laboratory at the Faculty of Mathematics and IT of Vitebsk State University. The Student Lab is equipped with servers, PCs, and VR devices. It aims to become a platform for specialized training programs and professional meetups.
Innowise Group has supported a local school in Vitebsk. We donated 50+ sets of furniture and 15+ computers to the school for the equipment of 2 computer classes.
Innowise Group has been constantly conducting educational activities for employees, including conferences, meetups, presentations, etc. For example, our design team conducts unique design meetups in Vitebsk. This project was created to share experiences and informal communication between digital product designers.
Our software development experts participated as speakers in the Open IT conference.


Innowise Group wants to make a significant contribution to the support of local medical organizations, play a large role in the development of the Healthcare IT industry, and take care of the health of its employees.

During the ongoing pandemic, our company cannot stand aside. We help the local healthcare providers with personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, etc.

Also, Innowise Group has donated 36+ sets of tables and chairs to the Vitebsk regional oncological dispensary.
Our technological contribution to driving the Healthcare IT industry:

We have delivered a free app for medical students that provides them with a complete catalog of pathologies in 3D.

VOKA — MR Assistant for Trauma Surgery. We have developed a hardware-software solution that helps accurately diagnose and plan a surgical operation. More than 80 complex surgical operations have already been carried out with the help of our application free of charge. We believe our solution impacts largely healthcare, as new methods of surgical operations are being developed using our solution.

Our team has participated in the development and implementation of various Healthcare IT projects.


Innowise Group positions itself as a purely eco-friendly company. Since we consider the protection of the environment to be of high importance, we carry out the following measures:

Separate garbage collection for subsequent processing.

We do not use plastic utensils.

The more plants in the offices, the more air in the offices.


Our company strives to help those who are less fortunate in this world and not to remain indifferent to society`s pain points. We provide material assistance to organizations such as Vitebsk orphanage, animal-care facilities “Fauna of the City” and “Charly Help”.

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