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Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1500+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

VOKA pathology 3D: Mobile catalog of realistic human pathology models

The unique mobile catalog of realistic 3D models of human pathologies makes the learning process easy and immersive.


Healthcare, Education
Client since

In 2015, Innowise Group met top-notch medical experts from hospitals and research centers to harness the power of mixed reality technology and 3D modeling for the benefit of healthcare. This collaboration led to creating a range of own MedTech products under the VOKA brand name. Our solutions help doctors worldwide to perform complex surgeries and educate medical students.


Finding information about pathologies is vital. Medical workers need the most complete information on pathologies to adjust treatment methods. Medical students need it to gain the best knowledge to become good doctors in the future.

But gathering information about pathologies, especially rare ones, is challenging. To learn about a particular pathology and be able to visualize it, a person might have to go through dozens of medical researches and anatomic atlases. And even doing that thorough research can’t guarantee that the pathology will be understood and visualized in one’s mind correctly.

Our team came up with an idea of the app that would gather all the pathologies with the necessary data on them, which would make the process of gathering information about organism’s abnormalities easier, more immersive, and complete. This will also affect the interactions between
  • Medical tutors and students, allowing tutors to explain particular pathologies with help of precise 3D models and giving the students an opportunity to have an immersive learning experience;
  • Medical workers and their patients, allowing for a more clear explanation of pathologies, especially the rare ones.


Our team developed from scratch the mobile application that allows users to inspect different pathologies right from the smartphone in 3D. The solution is available both for iOS and Android platforms.

3D Models of Pathologies

The first part of the solution represents a set of 3D models of different pathologies. They are sorted by the related organs and pathology types.

When the user chooses the category, the list of related pathologies opens up. Every pathology is visualized with a precise 3D model. It can be rotated, zoomed in or out, and even seen from the inside. Moreover, most of the models have parts of the organs or structures labeled.

Medical articles

The second part of the application is the articles about each pathology representing all the necessary information: short description, anatomy, pathophysiology, clinical presentation, diagnostics and treatment measures. To ensure that all the information is correct, our team has involved leading medical experts to proofread the materials touching their fields of practice.For the users’ comfort, we’ve also added such features as
  • The ability to save the materials on pathologies (3D models, articles, types, or the entire pathology) into collection to have quick access to the needed ones;
  • One-click access to global search through all the content from any page. It’s enough to enter three letters to use the global search. This feature works from any page, searches for all the catalog materials and sorts the results by groups (i.e., pathology, pathology type, article, etc.)

Technologies & tools

Java, Microservices, JWT, Redis, Gateway, Spring boot, PostgreSQL
Angular 2+, JavaScript, CSS, HTML
Kotlin, Clean Architecture, MVP, RxJava2, Cicerone, Single-Activity, Toothpick, Retrofit, Room, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, AppDistribution), JUnit
Swift, VIPER, MVP, GCD, Alamofire, CoreData, Firebase (Crashlytics, Analytics, AppDistribution), XCTest
Autodesk 3ds Max, 3D-Coat, ZBrush, Blender, ShaderMap, Adobe Photoshop
Native iOS, Native Android


Building such an application from scratch has been an interesting challenge: we had a clear vision on the aims of the solution but had little clue on how the medical data should look like.

Discovery phase

Firstly, our team analyzed the needs of potential users of our app (surgeons, physicians, medical lecturers and students). We learned how the application should look like and what it should contain to be at its best in terms of comfort of use and informativity. We designed a mock-up of the application, created a detailed plan for the development of each module and agreed on the workflow and methodology.

Technology Choice

According to the feedback we received from our potential users (surgeons, physicians, medical lecturers, and students) we’ve come up with the basics of the design and functionality of the software.We’ve decided to create the next app release with models of pathologies in Unity 3D sinceit allows the models to be interactive while being well-optimized even considering the high resolution of 3D models. These models are created with the help of leading medical experts who provided our team with the data from CTs, MRIs, different medical atlases, and so on, and reviewed the created models afterwards to ensure that every pixel is in its place.


Backend Developer
Android Developer
iOS Developer
Business Analyst
Project Manager
QA Engineer
3D Designers
Frontend Developer


As a result, our team has created a solution that can be used by a wide range of people connected to medicine: students and lecturers from medical educational institutions, physicians and patients. It allows getting a closer look at the pathologies and all the necessary information via one mobile application. Moreover, our team has made a lot of connections with medical experts working in different fields that makes constant updating and expanding the pathologies’ library possible and highly effective.

Project duration
  • 3 months for MVP
  • 8 months for full project

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