Cloud health data management platform

Cloud health data management platform We migrated a cloud-based health and research data management system to a new code platform. Our team updated the platform’s architecture and executed the long-term solution support. Customer Industry Healthcare IT Region Belgium Client since 2016 Our customer is a world leader in creating breakthrough MedTech solutions aimed at bringing […]

Remote patient monitoring platform

Remote patient monitoring platform An RPM solution for managing cardiac monitoring outside of the clinical environment complemented with a hospital web application. Customer Industry Healthcare IT Region Belgium Client since 2017 Our customer is a medical equipment manufacturer that provides healthcare organizations with wearable devices for remote cardiac monitoring. Detailed information about the client cannot […]

Business intelligence system for plants

Business Intelligence System For Plants Manufacturing Business BI Data analytics ML Web .NET Angular JavaScript Business analysis Discovery MVP development Quality assurance Web development The customizable system integrates all the data about the production process into an easy-to-use web application, making cost analysis and planning of different scenarios much easier. Customer Industry Business Intelligence Region […]