Remote patient monitoring platform

An RPM solution for managing cardiac monitoring outside of the clinical environment complemented with a hospital web application.


Healthcare IT
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Our customer is a medical equipment manufacturer that provides healthcare organizations with wearable devices for remote cardiac monitoring.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


The client needed to develop new software compatible with their wearable monitors, as their then-existing application did not meet the requirements of a rapidly growing Healthcare IT industry due to its poor functional scope and legacy technology stack.

In cooperation with the partner’s team, Innowise Group offered to create a remote patient monitoring solution that met the latest industry trends and technology advancements.

The remote cardiac monitoring solution was to be a single platform providing healthcare organizations (mostly clinics) with patient data management, and cardiac monitor reports, thus speeding up clinical workflows and increasing healthcare professionals’ productivity. Also, our team had to integrate the resulting platform with third-party systems, including medical insurance apps, record keeping systems, pharmacy apps, etc.

Since the end customer operates in the US market, it was vital to ensure HIPAA compliance and seamless integration with EHR/EMR systems in healthcare organizations.


Innowise Group’s engineering team developed a cloud-native remote patient monitoring solution, which is companion software to the customer’s cardiac wearable monitors.

The cloud RPM platform’s core function is to gather data from cardiac wearables, securely store it and analyze it. From there, patient data flows to the healthcare organizations’ EHR/EMR systems and can be accessed by medical staff in the web application. Thus, caregivers can monitor patients’ cardiac conditions remotely in real-time. The following scheme is illustrative.

The designed hospital web app is enriched with a smart report system allowing healthcare professionals to effectively monitor the cardiac conditions of their patients.

The data obtained by the cardiac monitors are the most accurate and objective. In the application, doctors can draw up treatment plans, prescribe the necessary medications, and schedule appointments with patients. Also, the system instantly alerts doctors if wearable monitors detect the signs of critical health conditions or possible cardiac problems. All the reports can be presented in visualized form (graphs, diagrams, and charts).

To ensure fast and accurate medical services reimbursement, our development team was delegated to create an API that integrates with third-party insurance services. Having created an electronic patient record in the system, the doctor selects the patient’s insurance company and enters all the necessary information to issue an insurance invoice and receive reimbursement in accordance with the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) regulations.

To ensure maximum patient data security, we have set up user roles so that doctors only have access to their patients medical profiles.

Technologies & tools

C#, ASP. NET MVC, .NET Core 3, .Net 5, Web Api
JavaScript, JQuery
Cloud services
Azure CosmosDB, Azure Service Bus, Azure Blob, Azure Queue, Azure Tables, MSSQL, Dapper, DevExpress, DevExtreme, Azure Functions, Azure AD B2C, Azure Application Insights, RedisCache, Azure DevOps


Fullstack Developers


The resulting remote patient monitoring system met all customer’s requirements due to its comprehensive functional scope, high-level security, and reliability. Our client noted a significant increase in clinics and other organizations that have bought their medical devices with software we developed. Accordingly, the number of patients using devices and being in the system has grown. As for the medical staff who use the RPM solution, they highlight an intuitive user interface, ease of use, and increased quality of medical care provided.

Our team is still involved in this project, providing continuous platform support services, working on new functionality and new third-party app integrations.

Project duration
  • 2017 - Ongoing;
  • The project is still ongoing, at this stage we support the platform and implement new functionality.

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