Cloud health data management platform

We migrated a cloud-based health and research data management system to a new code platform. Our team updated the platform’s architecture and executed the long-term solution support.


Healthcare IT
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Our customer is a world leader in creating breakthrough MedTech solutions aimed at bringing innovation to the Healthcare IT field.

Detailed information about the client cannot be disclosed under the provisions of the NDA.


The client needed to update their data-driven research management system for clinical trials since its contemporary architecture and code platform got out of date and could not ensure high performance and stability of the solution.

The primary project’s objective was to modernize the existing system in such a way as to transform the standard electronic data capture solution into a cutting-edge clinical data management platform.

On top of that, the customer wanted to enrich the functionality of the clinical data management platform with trendy and top-notch features.

As with any healthcare software, it was crucial to maximize the security capabilities of the solution to ensure its compliance with HIPAA and GDPR regulations.


Innowise Group’s team has rejuvenated the customer’s obsolete health data management platform for clinical trials, updating solution architecture to retire technical debt, adding new features, and migrating to a new code platform.

The health data management system’s key function is to collect data related to clinical trials for subsequent management, integration, analysis, and correlation. The solution supports a complete research work cycle and provides its users with advanced reporting capabilities.

The data-driven research management system has been designed for various kinds of medical organizations that conduct or support clinical trials and need to digitize their internal processes. They are medical labs, medical device manufacturers, biotech & pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO), etc.

The research management platform can be integrated with data sources of various kinds: healthcare information systems (HIS), lab management software, or wearable devices. This ensures a stable electronic data capture process and seamless flows of information.
The cloud research system is enriched with data visualization tools allowing the creation of configured dashboards. They help correlate clinical data and monitor medical indicators. On top of that, personalized dashboards can imply interactive reports with infographics, diagrams, and charts for better data perception and clinical trial processes transparency.
The health data management platform is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which is one of the most reliable cloud services. Besides, the user organization can choose the geographic location for storing health data to ensure compliance with local legal norms and regulations as well as HIPAA, GDPR, CMS, etc.

Technologies & tools

Net 4.6
JavaScript, JQuery
Cloud services
Azure AD, custom UI for Azure Active Directory (AAD) admin center, Azure DevOps


The client opted for our IT staff augmentation services to enrich their external development team consisting of IT specialists from various vendors. The project workflow was based on Scrum methodology and consisted of 2-4 week sprints guided by the customer’s Scrum master. Within the project, we have used Azure DevOps for project management and Microsoft Teams as a communication tool.


Fullstack Developers


After the end of the active phase of the project, which consisted of a solution architecture update, code migration, and functional scope expansion, the health data management platform has grown into a state-of-the-art healthcare software. We have improved the performance, stability, and usability of the system, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the platform on the Healthcare IT market.

Our client emphasized the high technical and communication skills of our full-stack developers. Since our cooperation in the active phase of the project was more than successful, our IT specialists continued working on the project, providing long-term support for the solution.

Project duration
  • 2016 - Ongoing;

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