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Project Manager

Minsk, Belarus

Vitebsk, Belarus


- Creating and updating project documentation;
- Making project schedules;

- Estimation of staff time and project duration;
- Analasys of potential risks;
- Taking part in selecting and confirming project teams;
- Dividing the project into parts and assigning tasks to the team members responsible for them;
- Estimation of the resources and the workspace needed, distributing the resources inside the team;
- Managing work process in the team (development, testing, work with requirements);
- Tasks priority setting;
- Organising the team's work on the necessary tasks;
- Checking the project status and tasks performance;
- Making sure that the tasks are performed according to their priority;
- Checking that the team members are loaded with tasks evenly, checking the progress of each team member on their tasks;
- Managing tasks deadlines;
- Keeping the team motivated and ready to work;
- Creating healthy communication atmosphere between all the project members;
- Making sure the team is satisfied with the project;
- Solving any conflicts in the team as well as between team members and the customer;
- Communicating with the customer, managing their expectations;
- Supplying the customer with the reports on the tasks performance and the project status in general;
- Presenting created solutions, demos and prototypes to the customers;
- Working on finishing and delivering the project;
- Making reprospective evaluation of projects and suggestions on how to improve project management processes in the future.


- Higher education;
- Experience of working as a project manager from 2 years (with a portfolio of successfully copmleted projects);
- Experience of managing two projects simultaneously;
- Managing projects based on different software development methodologies (classic, SCRUM, Kanban, etc.)
- Experience of creating project processes from scratch;
- Experience of forming a set of project documentation;
- Strategic and operational planning skills;
- Experience of taking part in pre-sale and sale project stages tohether with marketing specialists and business analysts;
- Experience of communicating with potential customers;
- Understanding the principles of T&M as well as fixed-price projects;
- Experience of communicating with the client: negotiating and confirming project shedules and project deadlines, resources needed, requirements, presentations, etc.;
- Experience of delivering the project to the client;
- Conflict management skills;
- Intermediate level of English (Upper-intermediate level will be a plus);
- Good oral and written communication skills.

Possibility of having business trips to Europe
Paid vacation and sick leave; relocation compensation
Sports compensation
Flexible working hours
Free English classes in the office
Free tea, coffee, cookies

Part-time job, based on lead generation at the Italian market.

Developing mobile iOS apps.

Minsk, Vitebsk

Developing the back-end part of customized systems using C#/ASP.NET MVC.

Creating 3D mockups of exhibition stands.

Minsk, Vitebsk

Getting requirements from the customer or formulating requierements if the customer can give business requirement only.

Minsk, Vitebsk

Organising the team's work on the necessary tasks.

Vitebsk, Minsk

Developing of new functions and refactoring the existing solutions.

Development of the front-end part of customized web-apps using HTML/CSS/JS (Angular), writing the code of a good quality that meets the company's standards.

Development of the front-end part of customized web-apps using HTML/CSS/JS (React).


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Minsk, Belarus
Smolyachkova str., 16, office 2
Vitebsk, Belarus
Stroiteley Avenue, 11a

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