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The System of Websites for the International Retailer of Body Cosmetics

The main page of the website


    This time our Customer was a large company based in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The Customer is a partner of several worldwide cosmetics and beauty brands.


    The task for our Team was to develop a system of websites for the international retailer of body cosmetics on the WooCommerce platform.

    We used the existing websites for other countries as the example, but we created the new websites on a different platform. Our Developers localized the system according to the requirements of the Customer.

    The project had the following key objectives:

    - When the brand opens a new shop in a new country, the system should be easily transferred;
    - The system had to be localized for a totally different culture;
    - All shops for different countries had to be interconnected.


    Our Team developed the sites with all the functionality and content required by the Customer.

    We had to change a lot of sections due to the new requirements for the system, and the requirements, in their turn were caused by market peculiarities of the countries chosen.

    One of the most interesting and challenging tasks was to adapt the websites to both English and Arabic version, due to the peculiarities of both languages (in English we write from left to write and in Arabic vice versa, from right to left).

    So, here’s the list of what we did:

    - We transferred the design and functionality of the websites to the new platform. And what’s more important, not only did we move system to the new platform, but we also managed to save the design of the original websites.
    - We developed the system of website interaction among themselves. As a result, all the Products and as well as their hierarchy can be transferred from one website to another.
    - We changed the calculation algorithms and standard page templates.
    - We installed and customized the plugins of the websites.
    - We added new features to the functionality of the original websites (according to the Customer’s needs).
    - We added new functions and solutions.
    - We created and adapted the mailing system of the websites, and developed templates of custom letters.
    - We customized the checkout process. We also added the system of encouragement and award for buyers.
    - We imported and exported Products and Customers.
    - We developed and deployed the multilevel system of accesses; each access provides a range of opportunities.
    - We developed the system of cross sales and supply of goods.
    - We developed the functionality that allows to create promo-campaigns. The systems also allow the admin to set the required parameters (for example, the date, time and promo-campaign conditions, the list of presents and awards, how the campaigns match). The section can be displayed graphically.
    - We integrated the delivery services, and the services of obtaining transport numbers and their automatic binding to orders.


    The Team included 4 developers and 2 testers involved on our Team.


    PHP7, MySql 5.7, JavaScript (jQuery, custom scripts), WordPress CMS


    The websites work smoothly, and the traffic is growing. So as a result, the websites give profit to the Customer.

    The websites have great overall user-experience and the websites and brands are getting better-known in the market.

    In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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