Mar 04, 2020

Innowise Receives First Review on Clutch

Having an effective development system and background is a growing need in today’s digital world. However, with the many components a properly formed development system requires, a company might not be able to focus on it with as much expertise and experience as needed.

That’s where Innowise comes in. We work to support each and every single one of our clients by drafting and creating a development system that speaks to their project needs. With smart choices, creative processes, and years of experience, we work alongside our clients to create their vision into reality.

Our mission is to aid our clients in producing innovative and effective technological products in their project areas. Our process is uniquely directed towards the client, with always keeping the client’s expectations as a priority throughout the experience. At the end of the day, our service has the main goal to create something that achieves the vision of the client and satisfies their goals. 

We are pleased to announce that we have now received our first review on Clutch! Clutch is a platform based in DC that connects companies with solutions providers through ratings and reviews left by former clients. 

Our first review has been left by one of our US-based clients, Trumpet Inc. Trumpet Inc is a software and business consulting service that asked for our help in constructing features for their new software product, which included rewriting templates and guiding them through the product formation process. 

New functionality is being added weekly (instead of taking months). Our Operations group recieves the enhancements they need to work faster. We are being exposed to new libraries and ideas of how to solve the development challenges. This enables our Operations group to become much more innovative, and we are implementing efficiency enhancements at a record rate.” -Founder and President, Trumpet Inc

Clutch also maintains an additional platform to assist companies – The Manifest. The Manifest allows companies to search through leading agencies across different industries across the world. Clutch and The Manifest work with one another to create the tools needed for businesses to choose solution providers that best match their project needs.

We know that technology and development systems can be multifaceted and complex, but we want to help all of our clients succeed despite the hurdles before them. If you would like to work with us, please let us know!

by Sergei Orlov


One of our C-level Managers who drives our company towards achievement of new goals in development. He focuses on the quality of the work done, makes sure that work with customers is proactive and he motivates the team.

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