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    Innowise Group Makes it Among the Most Recommended Agencies in Belarus and Ukraine

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      Innowise Group Makes it Among the Most Recommended Agencies in Belarus and Ukraine

      Through the years, Innowise Group has grown to become an IT services powerhouse. Having led countless successful projects across different parts of the world, our large team possesses the kind of confidence that can only come with a wealth of experience. 

      This doesn’t mean, however, that we are set in our ways. On the contrary, our stellar track record has only made us more open to any kind of challenge. It is this mindset that has gained a reputation as one of the Most Recommended Companies on The Manifest, a business development and company listings platform!

      Here’s how it all started:

      In 2007, Innowise Group was started by a group of IT professionals who shared a passion for transforming businesses with expert technological solutions. The subsequent years proved to be promising as our services began to cover a wider area that spanned various countries.

      In 2020, well into the thick of providing IT services, we received our first client rating on a B2B reviews platform. Though we’ve been in the business for a while at that point, it definitely helped us set us up for more high ratings surrounding our work in software, app, website, AR/VR, AI, and IoT development.

      Today, we continuously broaden our experience as we diversify our skillsets. Though The Manifest’s 2021 research reveals that we are among the top-performing software development companies and the #1 software testing agency in Belarus, Innowise Group has also made it among the Most Recommended Companies for staff augmentation. On top of that, we’re also a highly recommended AR/VR developer in Ukraine —  talk about multi-awarded!


      We do what we do because we find reward in the work itself, but accomplishments like these certainly make the long hours worthwhile. Rest assured, Innowise Group is empowered more than ever to keep at it with pride and passion!

      Let’s talk about how you can transform your business today!

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