Oct 05, 2021

Innowise Group heads the Top 100 Staff Augmentation Firms by The Manifest

Innowise Group heads the Top 100 Staff Augmentation Firms by The Manifest

The Manifest put Innowise Group in first place in their ranking of the Top 100 Staff Augmentation Firms.

Our company takes great pleasure and pride in being highly evaluated by the world-leading business rating marketplace. Having been in this market for more than 14 years, Innowise Group is constantly working on improving the quality of services provided, expanding the list of expertise and competencies, and keeps pace with the technology advancements. In our professional activities, we adhere to our philosophy, which is “We Develop the World” and we believe that our contribution is significant and matters.

“Satisfied customers and successfully implemented projects are our top priority, and we are incredibly pleased that our approach is reflected in the appreciation of The Manifest.” – Head of Marketing at Innowise Group.

Innowise Group provides staff augmentation, custom software development, and IT consulting services for IT companies, businesses of all sizes and start-ups from varied industries. 

by Alexander Kevra


We develop the World!

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