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    Belarus Recognized in Coursera Global Skills Report 2021

    Belarus is One of the Global Skills Leaders

    A recent Global Skills Report from Coursera showed that Belarus is among the top countries in terms of the digital talents quality and spread, being at 2nd place in Technology and gaining recognition in Business and Data Science.

    Founded in 2012, Coursera is a global online learning platform that offers access to a wide range of online courses and degrees from any location at any time.

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    The Manifest & Innowise Group

    Innowise Group heads the Top 100 Staff Augmentation Firms by The Manifest

    The Manifest put Innowise Group in first place in their ranking of the Top 100 Staff Augmentation Firms.

    The Manifest is a sister platform of Clutch that provides businesses from various fields with benchmarks, how-to guides, company ratings, and shortlists.

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    VOKA Pathology 3D

    How We Transform Medicine With VOKA

    Knowing what’s going on with a person’s body has always been a challenge. People are used to common illnesses like cold or flu, but more complex pathologies like bone fracturing or heart diseases are incomprehensible.

    That's why our team has come up with an idea of creating VOKA Pathology 3D, a complete atlas of possible pathologies.

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    innowise manifest

    Innowise Group Makes it Among the Most Recommended Agencies in Belarus and Ukraine

    Through the years, Innowise Group has grown to become an IT services powerhouse. Having led countless successful projects across different parts of the world, our large team possesses the kind of confidence that can only come with a wealth of experience. 


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    Big Data Business Boost

    Boosting Your Business With Big Data Analytics

    Previously we’ve already talked about what is Big Data, where it can be used and how it can be helpful.

    Big Data analytics solutions can give a business an overwhelming boost in different ways. Let’s see how we can boost business processes in different companies.

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    DesignRush & Innowise Group

    Innowise Group Ranked as Top Software Development Company

    DesignRush has mentioned Innowise Group as a Top Full-cycle Software Development Company in 2021.

    DesignRush is a B2B marketplace aimed at connecting brands with a wide variety of professional agencies and companies that work in different fields: from branding & design to full-cycle software development & cybersecurity.

    This platform lists around 9,300 agencies from over 50 countries and is consulted by thousands of decision-makers that are looking to start a project.

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    Big Data: Its future and its uses

    The future of big data - Predictions and Researches | Data analytics, and its business impacts

    We have all heard about big data and how it’s started to rule the world. Everyone is saying that it’s the future of data analytics, but if you’re going to put big data to work for you, it’s important that you understand what exactly this term means. Going into big data without a solid understanding of it is just too big a risk.

    So, let’s find out what Big Data is, how it can be used, and where it’s going next.


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    Machine learning

    Why machine learning is good for retail and Ecommerce

    What comes to your mind when thinking about Machine Learning? Maybe it’s a Tesla’s car with autopilot or a robot produced by Boston Dynamics? Most of the widely known Machine Learning (ML) solutions are some sort of phenomena that (at least for now) is hard to imagine being used in our ordinary lives every day.

    But Machine Learning isn’t only about such exclusive and (yet for now) sometimes even impractical products. Actually, almost every person on Earth touches ML almost every day.


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    Innowise Group is Recognized among Top 40 Providers of Staff Augmentation Services

    For over 14 years, we help businesses worldwide to fill gaps in technological and domain expertise by augmenting their teams with skilled professionals. Regardless of the project size, duration and difficulty, everybody in our team do their best to find the perfect solution for our clients and their customers.


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