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    Machine learning

    Why machine learning is good for retail and Ecommerce

    What comes to your mind when thinking about Machine Learning? Maybe it’s a Tesla’s car with autopilot or a robot produced by Boston Dynamics? Most of the widely known Machine Learning (ML) solutions are some sort of phenomena that (at least for now) is hard to imagine being used in our ordinary lives every day.

    But Machine Learning isn’t only about such exclusive and (yet for now) sometimes even impractical products. Actually, almost every person on Earth touches ML almost every day.


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    Innowise Group is Recognized among Top 40 Providers of Staff Augmentation Services

    For over 14 years, we help businesses worldwide to fill gaps in technological and domain expertise by augmenting their teams with skilled professionals. Regardless of the project size, duration and difficulty, everybody in our team do their best to find the perfect solution for our clients and their customers.


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    Top programming forums in 2021

    Top programming forums in 2021

    Various software forums are a kind of “second home” for devs who want to find their community. Forums were popular ten years ago and still valid now as an easy way to find answers or to read the latest development news.

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    Innowise is among top Custom Software Developers on Clutch

    Clutch Recognizes Innowise Group Amongst Belarus’s top Custom Software Developers for 2020

    Our team at Innowise has some exciting news to announce! We’re incredibly blessed to be listed among the best custom software development companies from Belarus & Russia for 2020 by Clutch! We have received perfect score 5.0-star reviews from our satisfied customers, a testament to our consistent quality of coding, highest professionalism and infinite enthusiasm of our developers. Please contact us today to see how you can join the cohort of our happy clients!

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    Our first Clutch review is 5-star!

    Innowise Receives First Review on Clutch

    We are proud to announce that we've received our first review on Clutch -- and it's a glowing 5-star one! Here's a snippet of what the CEO of Trumpet, one of our top US-based clients, has written: "Overall, the speed with which they deliver quality code is wonderful."

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    Java programming language logo

    Benefits and Drawbacks of Java

    If you finally made up your mind to go for software development, you definitely have to weigh all the pros and cons of IT outsourcing and offshoring. And the prior step these thoughts is another vital step – choosing the right technology stack for the project. So if you are still in two minds whether Java outsourcing is something you need or maybe it’s better to opt for some other technology, it might be because you lack some details to get the full picture. We gathered the pros and cons of Java here to help you.

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    A man working on a laptop

    How to Make an SRS Document?

    Writing requirements for software development is definitely a hard challenge. However, that’s an important step and if you decide to leave it out – be sure to have troubles on the project later...

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    A woman working on a smartphone and a laptop

    QA dilemma: Manual Test vs Automated Test

    There have been long-standing debates among Quality Assurance (QA) specialists about the pros and cons of manual and automated testing, the difference between these two approaches, and the reason for that is quite logical: software testing is an important stage while developing an IT product. In Innowise we fully understand why testing really matters that’s why we provide on-demand QA web and mobile app testing services...

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    Men shaking hands

    The Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing and Offshoring Services

    People have been arguing about the Pros and Cons of Information Technology outsourcing services for many years and still, it’s quite difficult to give a definite answer if a company should start outsourcing software development to some other party or not...

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