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Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1500+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

Microsoft Azure managed services

Microsoft Azure is a highly efficient technology with great hidden potential to expand business limits and reduce operating costs. Innowise Group, as an official Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (MSP), offers fast, flexible, and affordable services with the capacity to reach advanced business performance for our clients.

Does your business need an effective cloud service from Microsoft?

What are Azure managed services?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform that contains a range of tools useful in analytics, storage, networking, virtual computing, and software development. Adopting Azure services benefits businesses by reducing the load on on-premise servers and simplifying the workflow. Innowise Group’s dedicated developers can build any Azure project from scratch or join an ongoing project with their expertise at reasonable rates.

Microsoft Azure services we offer

Innowise Group focuses on implementing compatible and secure Azure solutions. We consider the scope and specifics of each business to achieve the best possible results. Below, you can get acquainted with the list of Azure services we provide.

Azure cloud solutions development

The technology consists of three functional blocks: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Our developers utilize this whole set to offer the most efficient solution for clients.

Azure migration services

This highly demanding function allows moving applications and databases to Azure cloud storage. We provide a compelling migration plan for clients as well as generate and implement the appropriate roadmap.

Azure administration

Azure involves managing, monitoring, and governing the networks in the cloud environment. Our profound Microsoft Azure administrators will implement and adjust resources according to specific business conditions.

Azure cybersecurity

Azure is considered secure and immune to hacking threats and unsanctioned external access. Innowise Group knows how to guard cloud data and prevent the slightest intent to violate our clients' sensitive information.

Azure performance monitoring

It is essential to track and correct the operation of Azure modules and features. At this stage, our dedicated specialists evaluate the existing performance, conduct analysis, and suggest improvements.

Azure Microsoft support

Azure is a multi-functional complicated infrastructure that requires up-to-date support. In the post-launch phase, our clients receive assistance and proficient help and do not worry about the platform’s performance after launching.

Azure serverless computing services

This solution means that building an application goes faster because the necessity to manage infrastructure disappears. Provisions, scales, and controls run automatically, and our developers have more time to focus on the core of business logic.

Azure cost management

This tool highlights general information about the cost of all services and marketplace products in the form of an advanced budget report. Our skillful experts can advise on Azure cost management to reduce insignificant expenses.

Azure certified developers

Our developers follow the latest trends in Azure services. Innowise Group’s Azure experts are certified by Microfost and have the convincing experience to seamlessly fulfill the most demanding and time-consuming tasks. Clients can hire them from the start of the project, or our experts can easily join the existing team to fill the expertise gap.

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Azure consulting services

Innowise Group's qualified professionals will explain all the nuances of Azure cloud services adoption. They will provide valuable information on migrating, customizing, and maintaining the Microsoft Azure platform to avoid errors and vulnerabilities. How can our customers benefit from Azure consulting? There are fine examples listed below.

Feasibility assessment

Feasibility assessment

We calculate the cost and time of installation and alignment of specific modules and predict the expected TCO and ROI.

Migration strategy

Migration strategy

We assess the scope of migration process depending on projects’ complexity and generate an implementation plan.

Design of apps


It includes the design of applications, data warehouses, and the conception of CI/CD pipeline configuration.

Documentation and policies

Documentation and policies

Innowise Group provides clients with project documentation and user guidance to safeguard secure performance.

Azure DevOps services

Azure DevOps is a number of tools that include a version control system, data collection, reporting, status, and change tracking among others. Innowise Group’s experts will advise the best DevOps practices as well as build quality solutions at a fast pace. Below we list the most prominent Microsoft Azure DevOps features.

Azure Boards

This tool enables to plan, organize and track sprints, backlogs, custom reporting, team dashboards, and many other parts of the software development cycle. It makes the process transparent for all the software development participants.

Azure Pipeline

Our proficient experts will apply continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) for code testing to shape the end product to the initial target compatible with any language and platform.

Azure Repos

This function opens up unlimited access to the world’s largest Git repositories. Innowise Group’s developers can create collaborations to review code or offer more suitable suggestions to improve scripts.

Azure Artifacts

Our experts utilize collective code expertise since it brings significant benefits. The flexible module allows publishing and sharing packages with colleagues or external agents.

Azure Monitor

This valuable tool enables monitoring and analyzing the Azure environment to facilitate the availability of the relevant applications and quickly identify upcoming issues.

Azure Test Plans

Implementing this feature means a client can access manual and automatic testing scripts to debug code and eliminate bottlenecks. This activity brings evident benefits to the cloud solution’s performance.

Hire dedicated Microsoft Azure developers

Cloud services offer great benefits for remote software development. Libraries and frameworks are collected in one place, and there is no need to search for additional development tools on third-party platforms. With the in-depth experience of our dedicated developers, Innowise Group can customize Azure modules for clients. You can hire the following specialists to empower the team, listed below.

Microsoft Azure developers

They do everything from solution design to deployment and maintenance using programming languages, libraries, and frameworks compatible with Azure.

Microsoft Azure solutions architects

Architects are responsible for developing the structure of cloud-based technology. They see the solution as a system and can shape the Azure environment.

Microsoft Azure consultants

These experienced specialists advise businesses on how to efficiently develop, customize and use solutions based on Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Microsoft Azure administrators

Azure administrators manage and govern the performance of cloud services in order to reduce the risk of unpredictable operational situations.

Microsoft Azure data engineers

Data engineers consolidate, transform and integrate information to build suitable structured Azure solutions.

Azure database administrators

These specialists manage, optimize and monitor Azure databases to facilitate the search for relevant data.

Microsoft Azure DevOps engineers

DevOps requires skills and experience to oversee the code and manage the software development cycle.

Microsoft Azure support engineers

They tackle customers’ issues and provide trouble-free performance in the post-launching stage.

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How you benefit from Azure services

Azure modules offer boundless opportunities to expand business limits. Enterprises, SMBs, IT consultancies, and VC-backed startups can substantially simplify their day-to-day routine. Below Innowise Group’s experts list the advantages of Azure services.


Azure is considered to be the most cost-balanced cloud server from Microsoft. Our skillful developers know how to save humane and time resources to deploy bespoke turnkey solutions and obtain high ROI.


The modern business strives for decisions that simplify current operation and allows further growth. Azure is an ecosystem that simplifies business workflow and speeds up the interaction between departments and offices.


Supporting on-premise solutions can be burdensome for small and medium companies. Innowise Group is capable of delegating maintenance to cloud solutions so that businesses can focus on other fundamental objectives.


It is crucial for a multidimensional business to track the project’s progress. With the help of Azure monitoring capabilities, clients receive practical, powerful tools to collect and analyze the telemetry from the cloud and on-premises environments.

Serverless computing

Serverless technology means developers build applications faster since the need to manage infrastructure disappears. Our sophisticated specialists will set service providers to provision, scale, and control infrastructure to run the code correctly.

Microsoft Azure includes more than 600 modules and services that can be shaped and customized to particular needs. It supports .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, and GO to make the development process smooth and handy. We at Innowise Group are always ready to consult and advise why applying cloud technology is worthy.

Pavel Demeshkevich

CEO at Innowise Group

How much does Azure management cost?

The price of the Azure custom developments depends on various factors. The most important is undoubtedly the complexity and scope of the project. The more developers assigned to the tasks, the more efforts, and financial resources are required. Below, we list the broad set of factors that affect the final cost.

ecology The scale of the project
ecology Team size and composition
ecology Project’s complexity
ecology Project’s duration
ecology Cooperation model
ecology Tools and technologies

Why choose Innowise Group as a provider of Microsoft Azure

Innowise Group is a trustful and reliable provider of Microsoft Azure services. Over the past years, we have accumulated experience and knowledge to find the best solution in any circumstances. We leverage the global experience and the best trends in technology to stay responsible for driving-forward decisions. Our professionals always know the answer to how to lift the company’s performance to the next level with Microsoft Azure.

Looking for the right tools to simplify the process of software development?

Innowise Group highly recommends Microsoft Azure clud services

What our customers think

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The Innowise Group developers we had assigned to our project were astounding in their assiduousness and reliability. They worked super hard, sometimes around the clock with me, to get our project done.

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Alex Friedman CEO Switchbackr Worldwide, Inc.
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Innowise Group is one of the best partners the client works with. They always fulfill our requests by providing developers that meet the client’s specific language and experience-level requirements.

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Polina Shuruba Partner Manager XPRT MINDS
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Innowise Group has completed many projects and consistently performs well on their tasks. Their results-driven approach allows them to quickly scale their efforts depending on the required deliverables.

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Joakim Rosen Lead Developer YouWish AS


Sure, our dedicated developers can help with migration to Microsoft Azure fast and with no extra expenses.

Managed services in Azure is a pool of technologies to build the company’s infrastructure and implement technological decisions.

There are no defined prices. Every case is unique, and the final cost is calculated from the project’s scale and complexity.


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