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Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1500+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
About us
Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1400+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.

AWS managed services provider

Innowise Group has been operating with AWS Cloud for years. As the AWS managed services provider, we will help businesses create cloud apps with seamless storage and reduce the costs of infrastructure maintenance. Our main goal is to ensure stable data storage and app functioning as well as provide accurate implementations of any changes and adjustments that may occur during business activities.

Need an AWS Cloud application with properly managed storage and reduced infrastructure costs?

What are AWS cloud-managed services?

AWS-managed services offer a variety of features that allow enterprises to automate all the infrastructure management tasks related to AWS deployments. With this set of tools, businesses of all scales are offered an opportunity to create brand new apps or migrate the existing on-premises workloads to the public cloud solution. Moreover, once the migration is done, enterprises are able to manage their products in the cloud.

The AMS (AWS managed services) main idea is to provide companies with everything they need in order to migrate, run, and support all the infrastructure. In addition, AMS automates several processes that include change requests, patch management, security, and backup services.

What is Web 3.0?

Managed AWS cloud services we provide

Innowise Group has years of practical experience in providing various managed AWS cloud services for businesses of all sizes. We also help our customers migrate their projects into the cloud, integrate them, as well as offer them administration and support after the successful migration of their products to AWS. Our clients can rely on a broad range of AWS-related services.

AWS-based application development

One of the most important features of modern application development is that they go through cycles of rapid innovation. With Innowise Group’s team, the app will always stay on the edge of new technological solutions.

AWS infrastructure monitoring

Amazon Web Services offers a special feature that allows monitoring of the whole infrastructure and application from a single point. With this tool, we will improve operational performance and conduct resource optimization.

AWS administration and support

By hiring Innowise Group AWS experts, our customers will benefit from 24/7 support of their AWS-based products including configuring AWS services and resolving all issues that may occur in the process.

AWS serverless services

This technology requires no servers at all to conduct any computations, run code or manage data. If our clients are interested in adding it to their projects, our experts will do it.

Data warehouse on AWS

This is a complex system of storage that allows data consolidation from many sources, informed decision-making, and historical data analysis. Innowise Group will perform any AWS data warehouse task for business needs.

AWS integration

With this suite of services, the whole integration of any application becomes even more effective and flexible. Our team of experts will conduct AWS integration for any type of enterprise by using the most suitable AWS tools.

AWS migration

With AWS services, any business will benefit from a lot of advantages, including security, speed, data integrity, and others. Innowise Group’s experts will help seamlessly migrate any client’s solution to the AWS cloud.

AWS consulting

Amazon Web Services offer a lot of sophisticated and useful tools that can be applied by enterprises of all sizes in their products. Our team will provide clients with all necessary consultancy support related to AWS and its features.

AWS cost optimization

Our company tends to reduce the costs of utilizing AWS services for our customers and tools without loss in performance. We will choose the right pricing model for our client's projects according to their complexity and goals.

AWS security and compliance

One of our tasks as AWS’ managed services provider is to create a security architecture that will, in turn, protect the application from various threats. We perform regular security monitoring to ensure zero risks of intrusion.

AWS implementation

Innowise Group conducts AWS implementation for business needs. Our patterns library contains hundreds of types of implementations and we choose the one, which fits the client product’s needs and requirements.

AWS DevOps

Innowise Group utilizes this set of tools and practices to deliver applications at a fast pace. AWS DevOps allows us to help our customers build scalable products with a higher security level.

Want to leverage cutting-edge AWS solutions and add them to your project?

Innowise Group is here to help

AWS solutions we work with

Innowise Group works with various AWS solutions that help us create applications of all types for a broad range of purposes. Whatever business goals our customers have in mind related to AWS services, by hiring us, they will find a reliable software developer and consultancy services provider with years of experience in this niche.


Enterprise cloud

This is a set of solutions that run as a service within the AWS cloud. It includes all the necessary tools that will meet usability, performance, and reliability expectations.


HIPAA-compliant cloud

With the rising number of healthcare products, consumers, payers, and IT experts in this niche, AWS offers a cloud solution that is able to process, transmit and store data with the highest level of protection.


SaaS applications

AWS offers a SaaS application feature that allows businesses to deploy their applications hosted on AWS infrastructure. Innowise Group will set up customer access, account registration, and other features.


Data warehouses and analytics

Innowise Group employs AWS data warehouses and analytics features to allow our clients to make an informed decision, have an overview of their data stored, conduct any type of analysis, etc.


Big data and machine learning

Amazon Web Services offer a lot of solutions that help our customers to receive a full-fledged application with flexible settings and a variable set of features, which allows them to predict product demand, and many more.


Internet of Things

With AWS, billions of devices can be connected in a single network. Innowise Group will be useful in collecting, storing, as well as analyzing data from various IoT sources.

Our AWS services expertise

Innowise Group has vast expertise in employing and managing various AWS services. We pick such tools depending on the need of a particular client’s project and utilize the best practices to seamlessly integrate them into the product.

Compute services
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service
  • VMware Cloud on AWS
  • AWS Batch
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Application integration
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Amazon AppFlow
  • Amazon EventBridge
  • Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA)
  • Amazon MQ
  • Amazon Simple Notification service (SNS)
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  • Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Migration and transfer
  • AWS Application Migration Service
  • AWS Migration Hub
  • AWS Application Discovery Service
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • AWS Server Migration Service
  • AWS Snow Family
  • AWS DataSync
  • AWS Transfer Family
Networking and content delivery
  • Amazon VPC
  • Amazon API Gateway
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • Amazon Direct Connect
Front-end web and mobile services
  • Amazon Location Service
  • Amazon Pinpoint
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS Device Farm
  • AWS AppSync
Management and governance
  • AWS Auto Scaling
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • AWS Config
  • AWS CloudTrail
  • AWS OpsWorks
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  • Amazon Glacier
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  • AWS App2Container
  • AWS Fargate
  • Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS
  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon Redshift
  • AWS Database Migration Service
Security, identity, and sompliance
  • AWS Identity & Access Management
  • Amazon Inspector
  • AWS Single Sign-On
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon CloudSearch
  • Amazon EMR
  • Amazon FinSpace
  • Amazon Kinesis
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
  • Amazon OpenSearch Service
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon QuickSight
  • AWS Data Exchange
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • AWS Lake Formation
  • AWS Data Pipeline
  • Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK)
Machine learning (ML)
  • Amazon Augmented AI
  • Amazon CodeGuru
  • Amazon Comprehend
  • Amazon DevOps Guru
  • Amazon Forecast
  • Amazon Fraud Detector
  • Amazon HealthLake
  • Amazon Comprehend Medical
  • Amazon Kendra
  • Amazon Lex
  • Amazon Lookout for Equipment
  • Amazon Lookout for Metrics
  • Amazon Lookout for Vision
  • Amazon Monitron
  • AWS Panorama
  • Amazon Personalize
  • Amazon Polly
  • Amazon Rekognition
  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Amazon Textract
  • Amazon Transcribe
  • Amazon Translate
  • AWS DeepComposer
  • AWS DeepLens
  • AWS DeepRacer
Internet of things (IoT)
  • AWS IoT 1-Click
  • AWS IoT Analytics
  • AWS IoT Button
  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS IoT Device Defender
  • AWS IoT Device Management
  • AWS IoT Events
  • AWS IoT Greengrass
  • AWS IoT SiteWise
  • AWS IoT Things Graph
  • AWS Partner Device Catalog
  • FreeRTOS
  • Amazon Managed Blockchain
AR and VR
  • Amazon Sumerian

AWS consulting

With AWS services, businesses of all sizes can benefit from a broad range of products, including dependable storage, transferring and processing of their data, cloud computing facilities, and others. Amazon Web Services holds a major share of cloud-based solutions.

Innowise Group AWS consultancy services include providing our customers with information about the migration of their software to the cloud, developing applications and other solutions on the platform as well as reducing rental costs.

AWS certified professionals

AWS certification is a procedure that helps professionals validate their expertise. It acts as a proof-of-skills feature ensuring that the owner of such a certificate has enough experience and knowledge to operate the AWS Cloud facilities and tools.
The AWS Innowise Group team members are certified by Amazon to conduct various activities within the Cloud. Our company provides clients with all types of experts, including architects, DevOps engineers, and others.

AWS-certified solutions architects

Our experts in AWS solutions architecture are responsible for building, deploying, and maintaining applications as well as monitoring critical infrastructure within the AWS Cloud. With their skills and expertise, we are able to develop applications and migrate workload to the cloud.

AWS-certified developers

Innowise Group is proud of having a lot of AWS-certified developers who create applications based on Amazon Web Services. Our skilled AWS developers will provide Innowise Group clients with any solution that will help their business reach its goals

AWS-certified DevOps engineers

Their main responsibility lies in implementing various apps in the cloud as a part of the research and development team. With Innowise Group AWS-certified DevOps, application solutions will be scalable, secure, and resilient.

AWS consultants

Amazon Web Services comprise a vast range of solutions and cutting-edge technologies to make the app dependable and innovative. Our consultants will help find the most appropriate AWS tools for each particular product as well as minimize costs for AWS cloud and feature usage.

Hire dedicated AWS developers

AWS is a complex set of services and solutions with a lot of tools. By hiring AWS developers, a business will find a reliable partner that will create any type of application of any size and complexity. With our certified AWS developers on board, our clients will have full control over the workflow. Our customers can be sure that they will receive a scalable, cost-effective, secure app with regular support from Innowise Group.

Are you looking for reliable and skilled AWS developers?

By hiring Innowise Group’s dedicated team, you will bring to life any solution for your business

What companies use AWS?

Amazon Web Services are very popular nowadays among all types of businesses as they provide all the necessary tools and features for reliable and secure data storage/transferring/processing, cloud computations, data analysis, and others. A lot of well-established and notable companies like Netflix, Twitch, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC, Baidu, and ESPN use AWS services to create scalable solutions of all sizes. AWS services help the following types of businesses to reach their goals.



With its rich set of features, AWS has a lot of options to offer to enterprises of all types. AWS cloud facilities and services have helped businesses like Coca-Cola, Siemens, Shall, and others to build new streams of revenue.


Medium-sized businesses

Moving small and mid-size businesses to the cloud gives them some competitive edge. Our customers will benefit from a scalable solution with reduced costs and a higher level of security.


SaaS providers

Companies providing software as a service widely use AWS cloud to store data and scale their business. The most popular SaaS providers using AWS are Splunk, Infor, Dynatrace, Zapproved, and others.

How you benefit from AWS managed services

Unlimited server volume

You don’t need to think about your server volume anymore. Innowise Group will help a client reserve as much memory as required for the successful implementation of business tasks.

Increased safety

By using AWS managed services, applications and solutions will benefit from an unprecedented level of safety thanks to AWS toolkits and our expertise in the niche.

Reduced costs

Innowise Group makes each aspect of a client’s cooperation with AWS services cost-effective. We know how to optimize the interaction with Amazon Web services efficiently and find the best tariffs.

Multi-tool experience

With Innowise Group, a client will benefit from all the most popular AWS tools and features that will improve a product’s performance and meet all the needs and requirements.

AWS uses cutting-edge sophisticated technologies to provide its customers with all possible solutions and services that will increase the profitability of the project, and its scalability, as well as ensure safety and speed. Innowise Group has enough expertise in this niche to make your project benefit from all these features. The most successful companies have already joined AWS. Now it’s your turn to boost your business.

Pavel Demeshkevich

COO at Innowise Group

AWS managed services pricing

Innowise Group offers two main tariff plans, which makes our pricing flexible. It depends both on AWS costs and the volume of services that we provide. When cooperating with Innowise Group, our clients need to choose between a fixed monthly fee and a pay-per-use fee.


Fixed monthly fee

This is a good choice for businesses that are migrating their services into the AWS cloud and want them to be maintained by us in future. Fees are cut into equal parts, allowing our clients to avoid serious one-time costs.



Unlike fixed monthly fees, this one is a percentage of the AWS monthly bill, which depends directly on the volumes of services our customers use. This is a good proposal for starters.

Why to choose Innowise Group as an AWS provider

Our company has vast experience and a high level of expertise in managing AWS services. We provide our customers with a full set of services that include (but are not limited to) AWS cloud management, cloud computations, migration, integration, and implementations of various services and solutions with Amazon Web Services. By hiring our team, our customers will receive our expertise in managing AWS, certified AWS developers, DevOps engineers, and consultants, as well as flexible pricing.


years of expertise


IT professionals


recurring customers


successful projects

What our customers think

quotes icon

We are more than satisfied with our fruitful cooperation with Innowise Group, as they perform tasks in accordance with our high requirements and corporate standards and bring the desired results.

company's logo
Stefania Basciu Senior Manager Topcon Agriculture
quotes icon

Innowise Group continues to provide reliable support, effectively streamlining the client's development capabilities. Flexible and solution-oriented, they've established effective collaboration between teams. The team's willingness to deliver optimal results ensures the partnership's success.

company's logo
Gian Luca De Bonis CEO & CTO Enable Development OÜ
quotes icon

Since our collaboration is successful, Innowise Group’s resources have stayed engaged in our projects for a long time. The reliability and vast expertise of their frontend, backend, and QA engineers are impressive.

company's logo
George Fironov CEO Talmatic


This is a set of services and tools that allow safe and secure data storage, processing, and transaction as well as cloud computation and other options.

Such services are very popular for their cloud storage which provide unprecedented data integrity and safety. There are also a lot of additional services that can be used by businesses of all sizes and from most niches.

Yes, we can. Innowise Group is ready to engage at any stage of your interaction with AWS. 

Yes, we can. Our experts have a lot of experience in building AWS architecture and migrating various projects to the AWS cloud.

You can do it on your own. However, AWS requires a specific approach and knowledge to be properly managed. You will spend a lot more effort and money if you decide to do everything on your own.

Need other services?

Cloud development
We develop cloud-based apps, transfer client-server software to the cloud, and support cloud applications.
Digital transformation
Innowise Group guides businesses and enterprises along their digital transformation path..
Audit and consulting
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.
We employ the best practices of DevOps to streamline the development process and expedite a release date.
IT staff augmentation
Opt for team augmentation services to expand your in-house expertise and facilitate the IT project process.
Custom software development
Innowise Group develops and implements a wide range of custom solutions for various industries.

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