Our test engineers have all the skills for working in almost anу environment. We have resources to deploy Custom environment, and maintain it, testing can also be performed on a virtual machine.

When testing, we use built-in browser plugins, built-in browsers developer tools, various debuggers (e.g. for testing of flash applications - De Monster Debugger, etc.).
For automated testing we mainly use Selenium IDE, Selenium Builder, Selenium RC + TestNG, SoapUI, for load-testing we use JMeter, etc.

Data output
For data output we have extensive experience of using all kinds of bug tracking systems: Mantis, Jira, Redmine, Bugzilla, etc. A shared document with the defects list, doc or excel form reports are also possible, the choice depends on customer requirements.

We are experienced in working with both purely test-cases documentation and TestLink system for making test-cases and running of them.

Reporting systems for time managing: JIRA, Versionone, Projector, or any other provided by the Customer, Trello project management application can also be used for planning.