Business specialization areas

Innowise Group specializes in software development for the following industries:


We develop online payment systems, deliver e-commerce software and systems, eCommerce Website Solutions which allow you build and manage successful online business.


Telecommunications technologies are evolving rapidly, demand for new products and services at lower prices is increasing accordingly. We offer all kinds of technology solutions for telecommunications industry, including services for mobile operators, IPTV providers, etc.

Finance & Banking Services, Insurance

Finance sector is the one that needs software updating continually, as it requires optimization of document flow management to improve operational efficiency. Our company delivers multitasking banking IT systems based on the latest technologies (including records management, digital signature, and electronic archiving), thus considerably increasing your business productivity.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

We provide GIS solutions in accordance with data and functionality requirements to support your company's work flow in the best possible way: GIS applications development, development of geographic solutions based on real cartographic and statistic data, development of databases, analysis and access to cartographical information.


IT services for tourism, advertising, payment systems, reservation systems, webbased solutions, CRM. We also offer optimization of business processes of tourist companies, with our IT solutions your internal processes will run in an automated and integrated way.


Comprehensive and user-friendly logistics software. Our products are complete solutions that automate your business and provide superior customer service. We develop logistic software solutions for supply chain management, warehouse management (WMS) and freight forwarding. Supply-Chain Management, Purchase Order Management, Freight Forwarding Software, Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Real-Time Online Cargo Tracking, Integrated Accounting Software, Ocean Import, Air Import, Domestics Freight, Pickup & Delivery, Purchase Order Management and more.

Healthcare and Medicine

We provide complex solutions to automate workflow of various medical institutions: software products for medical equipment, R&D, pharmacy solutions, healthcare system management software (registration, administration systems, etc).

Software development for different types of equipment

Development and optimization of software for scheduling, tracking, and controlling maintenance of equipment, video surveillance (development of analytical systems based on video stream, transformation of different formats video information, and object recognition).


Design, development, testing, support and implementation of IT solutions on different platforms

Mobile technologies

We provide wide variety of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile, Android.

Restaurant Business

All kinds of software for restaurant management: Online reservation solutions, Customer Relations Management (CRM), etc.