Business model

We offer flexible business opportunities for our customers. It’s up to you to decide whether you assign separate projects on our developer teams or create your own ODC. Besides you can choose а pricing model which suits your company’s needs best.

Time & Materials, Fixed price

Fixed Price (FP) – Suitable for small/medium-sized or urgent projects. This option works perfectly if the technical assignment for software product development contains detailed description and clearly defined functional requirements. Fixed-price engagement requires that detailed specifications are provided in advance, which is a very difficult task.

Time and Materials (T&M) – A pricing model for medium and large-sized projects that are dynamic and flexible. It is applied when the full range of requirements is unknown, or they may change.The customer controls deliverables and the project team work.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Many companies prefer to pass on part of development operations to remote specialists. You can hand on separate projects to us or choose to create your own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which will act as a virtual extension of your IT-company.

This option provides:
 - participation in the resource planning and as a result
 - insurance of risks in development of big IT project

An Offshore development center is a perfect solution for companies that are striving to enhance efficiency of software development, but would like to avoid too much extra expenses for hiring additional staff or investment in other resources. By means of creating a remote development center, the company creates its own virtual office. Such long-term commitments are cost-effective and time-saving.

The dedicated development team approach provides competency, innovation and flexibility in size and skills.

Benefits of the Offshore Development Centre model



Working with an Offshore Dedicated team provides a considerable number of benefits, such as:

  • Lower costs for high quality software

The most convincing benefit of working on the ODC model is surely the price! Hourly rates of ODC developers are more advantageous as compared with onsite development companies. So by comparing services cost in the USA or some western European countries with the same ones in Belarus one can calculate how much he can reduce the costs, and evaluate benefits of the ODC model.

  • Improved operating efficiency, and low risks

Easy availability of trained manpower, thus the opportunity to find developers, whose skills suit the project needs best. The possibility to expand and reduce the staff of your ODC at any time. If necessary, the manager can be added to the project team who supervises the tasks and working issues during the project run.

  • No Long-term Investments

An Offshore Development Centre doesn’t require any long-term commitments or up-front investments.

  • Overall Operational Control

The customer manages his ODC project flow in the way most appropriate for him as if it were his company’s local IT division, daily reporting/regular Scrum.

  • Dedicated Development Team

Once a team of software engineers is assigned to our customer’s project, we don't change its structure unless there is a request to do it. Permanent staff ensures higher productivity and requires minimal training activities.

  • Flexible Pricing

You can choose among a variety of pricing models to suit your business needs best.  

  • Information security and confidentiality

A non-disclosure agreement is signed (NDA)