Diabetes diary application

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Diabetes diary application

About the Project

pplication for people who suffer from diabetes which can replace a paper diabetes diary.

The goal was to make it as simple and intuitive as possible.

The app provides the following functionality and data:

• Personal and Physician data

• Emergency instructions and contacts

• Medical Travel Certificate with the signature of the physician

• List of medications which should be taken regularly (active ingredient, dose)

• Prescribed insulins

• Blood glucose self-monitoring scheme (there is the possibility to customize the schema for self-measurement of blood sugar).

• Possibility to keep records of all sorts of individual data, including self-control data, the goal for the upcoming month, etc.

• Calendar of scheduled visits to the doctor. The app will notify the client that he has to make a new appointment. As medical examinations and medical analyses usually take several days to pass, and by different physicians, this feature is quite convenient.

In the app users can send their diary data in the form of a booklet to the physician by email.

Also, users can backup all the data, in case their mobile device is damaged or lost, or there is a need to migrate to another smartphone.


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