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About the Project

The Real Estate AR App - A100 - is an innovative tool developed for the real estate agency for making highly effective presentations of construction and development projects in 3D format. The app could change the whole process of selling and buying estates. Integrating the AR technology to the Real Estate sector could be one of the best ways to leverage the Augmented Reality Technology for business.

A100 app allows to display blueprints of projects virtually so the user can 'be' on-site and experience the look and feel of the building being far from it. The user can have an overall look of the building, detailed view of the particular apartment using just a smartphone!

A100 app allows the following:

  • present a project on-site, in the office, at the shows and expos
  • view a 3D model of the building right on the table, no special space needed
  • let the clients take the virtual model and watch it anywhere they would like

After launching the app the user sees a panorama of the district where houses / apartments, which are available for purchasing or renting, are highlighted. After choosing an apartment / home, the user sees 3D model of the apartment/home and detailed information about it on the screen.

Three-dimensional models are fully controlled and can be easily manipulated to show all benefits to the users.

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