High-tech outsourcing to Eastern Europe is speeding up the pace, Belarus is attractive because of a number of reasons:
Advantageous location
Belarus borders on member countries of the EU. As Belarus is located in UTC +3 Time Zone Belarusian and American working hours overlap. That is why all outsourced tasks are performed promptly and effectively.
Cultural proximity
Belarus is "culturally compatible" with EU-countries, with all the values of the western mind. Belarusian developers tend towards (have a taste for) innovating and suggesting changes. Working process and the way of making business in Belarus are similar to the American and European.
Highly skilled IT specialists
Belarusian IT market is widely known for superior quality of software services - elaborate design and high level tasks.
IT market is growing fast, and IT sphere is attractive for talented young people. Roughly 16,000 specialists work in the country's IT sector at present. Every year, 3,900 IT–related specialists graduate from Belarusian universities. In the Soviet times Belarus was the centre for electronics industry. Belarus inherited well-structured education system with a strong emphasis on science and maths. Most developers here have solid knowledge in mathematics and physics, and can come up with very good algorithms. 
Fluent English
All Employees speak English at a sufficient level, constantly improving their language skills. That guarantees that the Customer’s requirements will be fully understood. 
Affordable Costs
One of the main reasons to outsource in Belarus is a really reasonable cost. Developer rates are lower than in Europe and the USA, and “costs + efficiency” ratio is one of the best in the world. 
Favourable conditions for outsourcing providers
Intellectual Property laws work safely in Belarus. You can be sure that privacy and confidentiality will be held, as NDA agreement is signed. 
Moreover Belarusian IT industry receives governmental support through simplified process to set up a business and preferential taxation regime, including exemption from VAT, profit and real estate taxes. 
Some more advantages are: 
  • High level of IT personnel motivation and 
  • Advanced network of research institutions to support industrialized economy.