Innowise Group Benefits

Highly skilled staff

The secret of creating brilliant software is in intelligent and dedicated specialists. We are proud of our developers who can be characterized by just the simple sentence above. All specialists are highly-experienced and most of them are Microsoft-certified. 

Competitive price

We realize that in order to be competitive in today’s demanding market our product is to be state-of-the-art and affordable to our customers. That is why we deliver innovative solutions at a reasonable price. Moreover we appreciate our permanent customers’ credit to our company and have special benefits for them.

You get a high-end product

Superior quality of delivered software is of prime importance and a basic principle for our company.Every product is thoroughly tested before it is passed to customers’ possession.

Further technical assistance

We guarantee further technical support of software developed by our company.

Easy and democratic communication (Agile approach)

Our teams are easy-going, amiable and tolerant with good English speaking skills. We are enthusiastic about Agile approach which can be applied at the customer’s wish. 

Customer-oriented approach

The development process is built in such a way that we are centered on customers’ needs and tendencies. 


Upon request a Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed between the customer and our company for every project.

Working on ODC model

Working on Offshore Development Centre model provides a considerable number of benefits, such as: 

  • Lower costs for high quality software
    The most convincing benefit of working on ODC model is surely the price! Comparing services cost in the USA or some western European countries with the same ones in Belarus one can calculate how much he can reduce the costs, and evaluate benefits of ODC model. 
  • No Long-term Investments
    ODC does not require any long-term commitments or up-front investments.
  • Full Operational Control
    The customer manages his ODC project flow in the most appropriate way for him as if it were his local IT division. 
  • Dedicated Development Team
    Once a team of software engineers is assigned to our customer's project, we don't change its structure unless there is a request to do it. Permanent staff ensures higher productivity and requires minimal training activities.
  • Flexible Pricing
    One can choose among a variety of pricing models to suit one's needs best
Convenient geographical position in the centre of Europe (business trips)

The fact that our company is situated in the centre of Europe makes it easy to travel on business trips, communicate and work with a UTC/GMT +3 hours.

Access to a wide spectrum of IT specialists

Our staff includes developers specializing in different areas: Java, .Net, PHP, Android, cooperating with us you get an access to a wide spectrum of IT specialists.

Time-effective development

Competent approach to development process, including accurate architecture and support by our Testing team at all stages,ensures intelligent solutions and timely fulfillment of them. 

Extensive experience

Our company has ten-year experience of facing the most sophisticated tasks. Today we have a good collection of case-studies which introduce project descriptions and can be provided on demand.