Upgrading Software for POS system

The project goal is upgrading and additional development of software for the data terminal equipment intended for issuance, processing and accounting railroad travel documents.

The system includes:

1. Point-of-sale

2. Portable terminals for ticket collectors

3. Server that controls the operation of the equipment

4. Software upgrade service

Innowise Group developer team are mainly engaged in work on the software for stationary POS terminals.

Stationary POS terminals are used for automated issuance of travel documents by personnel with the following roles: the cashier and the senior cashier.

Application software installed on stationary POS terminals, runs Windows Family operating system.


Tasks implemented by Innowise Group cover development of the following functionality:

1. Ticket sale:

  • Sale of a single-ride travel document without a place (at full cost, discounted or non-monetary);
  • Transit pass sale;
  • –°ancellation of travel document;
  • Request information, and read information from a contactless smart card;
  • Refund the deposit for the contactless smart card for the electronic purse;
  • and other.

Functions must be implemented in the user interfaces of Cashier/Seniorcashier.

2. Main functions operation:

  • Sale of services;
  • Sale using the contactless smart card;
  • Agency sales;
  • Entry to the contactless smart card of a travel document purchased over the Internet;
  • and other.

3. Auxiliary functions operation:

  • Open/close the shift;
  • Month-end closing;
  • Create and print regular cash reports;
  • Authorization;
  • Upgrade software;
  • Manage settings;
  • and other.

Custom UI is implemented with WPF.

Custom UI for administrating is implemented with ASP.NET MVC.

For the moment the system launch into operation is being prepared.

Technologies & Tools

Technologies: WPF, WCF, C#, EntityFramework, SQLLite, PRISM, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, Active Directory.

Languages & tools: Visual Studio 2012, C#, HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL Server Management Studio.