NopCommerce CMS website

The main objective was to create an exact copy (functionality and design) of an existing website under a different CMS. An open source .NET Nopcommerce CMS was chosen for this project.

Major objectives

  • Creating of a theme for a nopCommerce CMS
  • Theme stylization for anopCommerce CMS
  • Automatic data migration from customer's web service to CMS database.

The website’s main function is to introduce the company, to provide current and potential customers with information about goods, and the possibility to make a purchase order online.

There are also articles intended for pregnant women (clothes selection, clinic services description), the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter.

The solution is based on Nopcommerce CMS.

The development team carried out the following tasks:

1.Migrating pages to a new CMS;2.Adding a plug-in to enable electronic payment in Denmark;3.Adding the Danish language;4.Writing a synchronization plug-in. The plugin’s function is to upload regularly data (products, categories, prices, discounts, links) delivered by the Customer’s web service to the CMS database;5.Assembling of an installation packet for deploying the system on the Customer's servers.

The Development team conducted extensive and thorough testing to ensure that the system quality is fine and to guarantee smooth usage.

Technologies & Tools

OS: Windows

Technologies & tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, MsSQL

Language: .Net, JavaScript 1.3

CMS: nopCommerce