Managing system for oil industry testing

The main objective of the project was to automatize test cases provided by the customer. Automated and manual testing was conducted in accordance with the provided documentation (Technical Assignment and Test Plan).

The system is designed to improve, simplify, speed up, systematize and organize the work process within the kind of sphere as oil industry. The system is designed for a wide range of people working in this area. Each of them has his own set of permissions and tools.

For each user of the system a certain role and a limited set of permissions is determined, according to which different users have access to a specific set of data and tools.

Testing covered the following sections of the system:

  • Permissions
  • Dashboard
  • Web Zone Layouts
  • Edit Settings
  • Share Dashboard
  • Different types of Dashboard (General, etc.)
  • Select Control
  • Casing
  • Survey
  • Payroll
  • Crew Complement
  • Time Summary
  • Job Information
  • List Maintenance
  • Company type
  • Rig Information
  • Well Information
  • Roles, etc.


As a solution of the automated testing issue the following bunch was chosen:

  • Eclipse
  • Selenium RC
  • TestNG

The system version for testing was deployed at the local server for improving of tests execution and debugging speed, automated tests were kept in a remote repository. The final set of tests was run using Windows batch files.

Simultaneously with the tests automation manual testing of the system was being conducted.

Defects found while testing (both manual and automated) were sent daily to the Project Manager in the report form provided by the Customer.


The team has successfully developed a set of automated tests for milestones 2-3  according to the customer's requirements. The tests are used for periodic regression testing of the system in order to duly detect deviations from the expected system operation.

Technologies & Tools

OS: Windows

Technologies & tools:Net Framework 3.5, ASP.NET WebForms, Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server 2008, Eclipse , SeleniumRC , TestNG,  XPath

Language: C#, Java, JavaScript