Imaging data analysis solution for medicine

The goal of the project is to develop a system for medical institutions which helps to arrange imaging data about patients. The system provides information to accurately quantify treatment changes, categorize drug efficacy, and identify subgroups of patients.

The functionality includes:

  • Several Modules for various areas of medicine. The administrator assigns users (physicians) to the appropriate module;
  • Data Finder with the following filters available: Date, Patient ID/Name/Birth/Gender, Study ID/Date and Data Owner;
  • View 3D, set different parameters of  visualization, rotate 3D image and put statistic overlays on;
  • Zoom the image, adjust quality, contrast, colours, set planes;
  • View the image in different planes simultaneously for analysis on the special screen;
  • Analyzing statistics for Regions of interest;
  • and other.


Our Java team is closely engaged in development and improvement of the system functionality.

Among the tasks implemented by Innowise Group team are the following:

  • Installation of Jenkins and its tuning on the Ubuntu server;
  • Implementation of DB support for Web services using Hibernate;
  • Designing frontend and backend architecture;
  • Building custom GWT widgets;
  • Building Liquibasechangesets;
  • Designing and building GWT-P project infrastructure;
  • 3D visualization of MRI data;
  • Server-side conversion of files that can be used for 3D visualization of MRI data;
  • JasperReports integration;
  • Data Access Layer implementation (JPA based);
  • Creation of installers for Microsoft Windows and Linux that consist of portable versions of the system's components;
  • Extensive and thorough testing;
  • and other.


The development team implemented a number of functional units of the system and continues development of more features at the moment. Meanwhile the application live version is successfully used in organizations contributing to better quality of treatment.

Technologies & Tools

Linux, Tomcat, GWTP, Spring, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Maven, ImageJ, PixelMed, PostgreSQL, Git, SVN, Jenkins, JasperReports.