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Data security is one of the biggest challenges of today’s market, which is demonstrated by the impact of information leakage in the recent years. In Innowise Group we pay special particular attention to privacy policy, data protection, and code security.

Private Policy

Data Protection

Code Security

It is our duty to provide quality services to each and every client

client privacy policy

Client privacy is respected and assured by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). The intellectual property on the Product developed by the Contractor shall become Customer’s or Customer’s Client’s sole property.

The acquisition and retention of relevant client information is essential to fulfilling this commitment. Purpose of this policy is to ensure that the highest standards of information security are observed.

In addiction, all employees of our company sign NDA, and access rights to the Customer’s data sources are only given to the employees involved in the project.

Data protection

Data is transferred through the encrypted VPN connection.

Databases and source code are automatically backed up, thus they can be quickly restored if necessary.

Version control systems are used for all our projects ensuring consistent workflow.

Innowise Group system administrators set up, monitor and support Linux/Windows based servers, database servers, web-servers, file-servers; can set up and support Office 365, SharePoint and other software systems.

Our system administrator responsibilities include regular security reviews of our server environments, customizing and elaborating of backup and restoring systems. We take measures to protect the libraries against unauthorized access or loss.


The programmers apply the best practices to ensure that the customer applications/websites are safe and sound from hacking attacks.

The company policy stipulates selecting the most secure ways to implement various features which could be potentially vulnerable to unauthorized penetration.

We highly recommend our customers to include elements contributing to code security while developing their projects, like usage of security modules, captcha, SSL Certificate, and etc.

The QA team is available for penetration testing or fault tolerance testing at the customer’s request.